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 The original Black & White was a strategy game that divided those who played it into two camps: those who loved its completely open-ended nature and those who felt that it was a bit too open-ended and meandering for its own good. For those waiting on Black & White 2, the good news is that the sequel is less open-ended and more structured. Indeed, this time there's a more coherent story, which makes it feel like a different game. However, this comes at the cost of some of the free-form gameplay that you may have loved from the original.


Like its predecessor, Black & White 2 combines distinctly different gaming genres into one game. You will construct sophisticated cities, raise armies and lead them into battle, and if that weren't enough, you get to interact with your giant creature, a sort of virtual pet that can also serve as your enforcer. There's so much in Black & White 2 that it's amazing it all blends together like it does. Though, it does go a bit overboard in some areas at times.

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